Working Projects:

  • Middleman, Liquidity and Search [w/ L.Smith]
  • ​Venture Capitalist, Money and Search
  • Volatility Smile in Options in Chile [w/ L.Reus and P.Pincheira]
  • Market Based Recycling Subsidy [w/ R.Atal and R.Harrison]

​           (One of the ''95 proposals for a better Chile'' - Proposal 35 - p159).

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Working Papers:

  • "Price Dispersion, Oligopoly and Search Frictions", 2018
  • "Institutional design for concession contracts: A proposed framework and experiences from Chile” [w/R.Harrison, J.M Sanchez and R.Muñoz], 2018
  • “Cheap Talk, Noise and Distrust”, 2018
  • “Matching, Reciprocity and Altruism” [w/ R.Harrison and M.Villena], 2017
  • “Quitting Search and Unsold Inventory”, 2017


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